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World Reclaimed

Our Story

Modern design meets old-world simplicity. Created sustainably. Made in hand.

We’ve always felt a little caught between worlds. We love clean, modern design, but we’re drawn to old furniture and rustic goods. We love the simple austerity of the old days along with the joy of the new. We’re city folks with country hearts.

Maybe that’s why, despite our busy modern lives, we’ve always been passionate about working with our hands. Whether with wood, earth, or fabric, we love the act of turning raw materials into something beautiful and useful. We share that love through World Reclaimed: modern home and garden goods made in hand. No two pieces are ever the same, and it’s the imperfect nature of these handmade goods that makes them, well, good!! We’re the folks behind landscape design group Aloe Designs, and you can get to know us better through our journal Nesting.

[[columns]] Owen

Inspired by his dad’s workshop and the rugged nature of British Columbia, Owen Black sees the inherent beauty in wood: whether it be old-growth foraged from salvage yards or offcuts recovered from deck, fence, and other landscaping projects completed as part of his work with Aloe Designs. From these forgotten pieces he creates tangible objects that in turn connect us to the tactile world around us.

[[column]] Cait

Inspired by artistry and craftmanship discovered on her travels around the world, Caitlin Black is a relentless scavenger and restorer, scouring garage sales and vintage stores and dragging home pieces with history. She loves the notion of reclaiming space using greenery, whether through her work as a designer with Aloe Designs, or by the love she puts into creating a home for her family.